I just flipped through all of the my personal training manuals Cheap White Sox Pullover Hoodies , you know those expensive text books that everyone must pass at the very least prove to be competent as a trainer. Included are the C.S.C.S and the A.C.E personal training manuals. Both of these are about the size of phone books and detail everything from the anatomy of the human heart to how to set up a commercial gym.

The funny thing is, weight loss is hardly even a foot note in each of the large volumes. At best, I found a few paragraphs detailing how to detect dehydration by monitoring weight loss, and then there was another paragraph about noticing rapid weight loss as an indicator for eating disorders. Over all though I couldn't't find a single section about helping folks lose weight.

Doesn't this kind of sound strange to you? Since I took on the profession of personal training 7 years ago, the vast majority of folks who come to me are looking to lose weight and yet weight loss is hardly even mentioned in the large personal training manuals on my shelf.

Truth be told, I believe that it's not the personal trainer's job to make you lose weight. Seriously, if you want to improve your vertical jump, get ready for a 5K or just put on some muscle I'm your guy and a few workouts a week can make those things happen.

But weight loss is a 247 deal. It's not something that you can condition with a few workouts each week. Weight loss comes down to how you eat, what you eat, and how you live every minute of every day of your life. I simply can't be there, looking over your shoulder all that time.

And then there is the diet and nutrition side of things. Again, both of my manuals explicitly state that it's not in the scope of practice for the personal trainer to prescribe or even recommend a specific diet. Sure I can give you general information (like eat more fruit and vegetables and cut back on sweets) but you probably already knew that. If you want a specific diet laid out for you then you need a registered Dietitian not a personal trainer.

Can we trainers help you get in shape? Sure! Can we show you how to burn loads of calories thus helping you achieve a negative calorie balance and enhance weight loss? Absolutely! But can we blast away fat with just a session or two a week? Not likely. Can we prescribe a specific diet? We are not certified to do so but many of us still do anyway.

I can suggest you cut back on the intake and increase the expenditure but beyond that I'm not going to be able to do much. I can supply a killer workout that can bring you all sorts of results, but I honestly believe that weight loss is not accomplished just because you do a certain type of exercise. If that was the case then everyone who did that exercise would be thin and everyone else wouldn't be.

The bottom line is that we trainers are part of the weight loss puzzle but we simply cannot provide all of the answers. We can't control every aspect of your life that is essential to your weight loss success. In truth, most of your success comes from using your own personal strength and discipline and that's not something anyone can give you.

Whew! I feel better now.

Be fit and live free,

Matt Schifferle

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